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West 4 Harriers are proud to present:

WEST 4 HARRIERS are proud to present:

The 2017


Fuller's Logo 2016 cutdown

**Note start time of 08:30**

Sunday 9th April 2017 

Your photos from sos sports photography are here!


Results Here



The race is a scenic ten mile multi-terrain race along the Thames Towpath, starting from playing fields on Hartington Lane (w43UJ) crossing Chiswick Bridge and incorporating the towpath between Chiswick, Richmond and Kew. The route, while multi terrain is flat and fast so good for those runners aiming for a 10 miler PB. There will be markers at every mile. The Start field is on grass, as are parts of Old Deer Park at 5 miles. Please be aware that the grass could be slippery and wet.

FTTT Route


For race results from 2009 – 2016, click on this Sportsystems link and search “Towpath 10”

Follow us on twitter @ThamesTowpath10 for updates


Commemorative Fuller’s pint glass for all finishers

Prizes for age cat and overall winners

The friendliest and most encouraging marshalls around!

Accurate chip to chip timing from Sportsystems

Quick results by email or text

loos, water stations and bag drop

ALL FOR £17 for affiliated and £19 for non-affiliated runners

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